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Kalady  became famous with the birth of Adisankara.The places of interest in the locality include Adi Sankara Tower, SankaraTemple of Sringeri Matom and Lord Shri Krishna Temple.Shri Sankara had eulogized this temple in “Prabodhasudhakaram”.According to the legend Acharyaswami had spent a whole night moaning over his mother’s demise under the banyan tree of the Kavil Bhadrakali temple (A sub temple of Kaladi Devaswam) before he left Kalady early the next morning.The distance is 7 kilometers


The Siva temple on the sand bank of Aluva River throngs with devotees every year on Mahasivarathri day. They arrive here with their offerings to their forefathers. The temple festival is conducted every year on Sivarathri day of the Kumbham month of Malayalam calendar. This Hindu festival is the renowned “Aluva Sivarathri.”The next day of Sivarathri, early morning the devotees make their offerings.Aluva Siva Temple is one of the 108 temples where the deities were installed by Parasurama.The Lord Shrikrishna templealso attracts devotees. The distance is 10 kilometers.

Avanamkodu Saraswathy Temple

This is one of the famous Saraswathy temples in Kerala. During the Navarathri Pooja thousands of children visit the temple to get initiated into the learning of alphabets. This temple is in Kalady. The distance is 6 kilometers.


Shri Dharmasastha temple of Perumbavoor attracts several devotees. The temple in exceptionally crowed with devotees in the month of Vrischikam (Malayalam calendar). “Iringol kavu” which is two kilometers away from Perumbavoor is also well known. The deity of this temple located in the forest is Durga.The distance is 9 kilometers.


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There is a certain relation between the history of Akavoor...


പ്രധാന വഴിപാടുകള്‍

പട്ടും താലിയും                                                                                                                             പുടവ വാല്‍ക്കണ്ണാടി                                                                                                                ഇണപ്പുടവ                                                                                                                                      മഞ്ഞള്‍പറ                                                                                                                                           പൂപ്പറ                                                                                                                                    അഷ്ടാഭിഷേകം                                                                                                                    കളഭാഭിഷേകം                                                                                                                           അപ്പംമൂടല്‍(ഗണപതി)                                                                                                        മഹാമൃത്യുംജ്ജയഹോമം                                                                                                      ഒരുദിവസത്തെ പൂജ                                                                                                                  ചുറ്റുവിളക്ക്                                                                                                                              നിറമാല                                                                                                                           ഉമാമഹേശ്വരപൂജ                                                                                                                     ആയില്യം പൂജ